Our Partners

Our Partners

The company benefits from a unique working structure and long-term partnerships with tour operators and travel agents across Bulgaria, the Mediterranean, all of Europe and the Middle East for many years.

Here are our advantages that helps us supporting and bringing our partners to a win partnership:

Experience – we serve best our partners and their customers in order to fulfill their expectations;

Knowledge – we think beyond the conventional that will ensure a success for an event of any scale and purpose. We value our ability to think unconventionally and to go further than anyone else to ensure the success of an organized event, whatever the objectives and scale of the project.

Flexibility – we modify and adapt according to the needs of our partners;

Comprehension – we follow, maintain and complete the ideas of our partner; Understanding our partners and customers, we work in harmony and unison with them, enabling the success and fulfillment of our collective vision. We take pride in being able to modify and tailor our services in order to adapt according to the bespoke needs of our clients.